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For professional and reliable accounting and business consultancy services, choose an SPS Business consultant and accountant Oakleigh. We’re leaders in our field, providing expert services for businesses and individuals and delivering exceptional results.

If you’re looking to take control of your taxes, settle financial matters, need business advice and support or need bookkeeping done, our experienced tax agents and accountants can provide you with the service you need. With fixed price plans and tailored services, we can guarantee great results at a price that works for you. Call us today on 03 9904 9261 to book a free consultation.

Services for Businesses and Individuals


We offer a wide range of services to cover all your needs regarding accounting, tax and business consultancy. We offer a range of primary services such as bookkeeping and accounting at fixed prices, as well as fixed price plans for many of our services. These plans give you an idea of what you can expect at a price point and can be tailored to your needs when you book an initial consultation with us. You can view our complete list of services on our services page.

Speak with our qualified and passionate accountant Oakleigh today to learn more!

Why Choose an SPS Accountant Oakleigh


Expert Tax Agents and Consultants

Our team members have years of experience behind them and can provide you with tailored advice and support no matter your situation. We’ve delivered outstanding results for businesses and individuals across the country.

Catch Up on Your Bookkeeping

If you’ve got years of taxes and bookkeeping to catch up on, or you’ve never done it before, don’t panic! SPS’s experienced tax agents can take care of it, analysing years of data to clean and clarify your numbers and make things easier to manage in the future.

We Deal with the ATO

Sometimes dealing with the ATO can be a major hassle, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. Our team can assess your needs and deal with the ATO for you, managing tax lodgements, speeding up the tax claim process and even reducing the amount of tax you pay.

Flexible Pricing and Services

While we have fixed pricing plans; all our services are available for you to choose what you need and pay a fair price based on that. Discuss your requirements with our accountant Oakleigh and we’ll assist you in getting the results you’re looking for at a price that works for you.


Reputable Accountants and Business Consultants

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, and with people across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re working in medical or legal, as a tradie, are a business owner, investor, self-employed, or simply managing family finances, we can help you.


Proactive Approach to Accounting

While many accountants are happy to sit back and be there when you call, we take a more active approach. Our team will be there when you need them, providing information and advice in the moment, and even alerting you to changes you should be making to get better results, or opportunities you can take advantage of.

Call Your Local SPS Accountant Oakleigh


If you need professional accounting or taxation services or need business advice, SPS Business Consultants is for you. Discuss your needs with our team today when you book a free consultation or talk to our team for more information on our services. Call us now on 03 9904 9261.

What Our Customers Say

I've been in contact with Sasi at SPS Business Consultants now for 3-4 years? I wouldn't look anywhere else. Always helpful with my personal tax along with business financial advice
Noel WV

Super Services...Sasi is a great guy...very genuine and expert advice...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Raj P

Highly Professional and client focused. My experience with them has been good, they answer all queries in a very simple language, no technical jargons. Readily available to help outside business hours and reply promptly to emails.
Amit Bhansali

Highly recommend for business consulting, taxation, accounts, etc. Professional and adept at tailor one-to-one consultation, with excellent communication and in-depth knowledge of industry trends.
Zaeem Aziz